Island Wasini

Do not hesitate and go on an adventurous cruise to the island of Wasini. Wasini Island is a small island located south of Mombasa towards the border with Tanzania. The island is known for its high coral reefs where beautiful baobabs trees grow. After low tide the most beautiful white beaches are revealed just below these cliffs. As part of a cruise to the island, you snorkel in the marina and with a little luck you can be accompanied on the way by dolphins.

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The village of Shimoni is located about 85 km south of the center of Mombasa. Our driver will pick you up between 7:00 - 7:30. The departure depends on the current traffic situation and the location of your hotel. We will agree on the exact time when to pick you up and confirm it a day before the trip.

In Shimoni, you will board an old Arabian sailing ship, which is now motorized for efficient navigation. You will sail through the enchanting environment of sea islands and cliffs to discover the wonders of the sea world in the famous Kisite Marine Park. You can snorkel and swim in the park and with a little luck you might be accompanied by dolphins who like to visit this area.

You will have lunch at Wasini Island Restaurant where a seafood lunch is prepared for you. The restaurant is really good preparing the seafood dishes. If you do not like seafood it is possible to order delicious roast chicken.

After lunch you can walk around the island. It's amazing to see what water can create.

Then you will return to the pier where our car will be waiting for you and take you to your hotel.


Price includes

  • Lunch in the restaurant
  • Transport
  • Entrance and fees in parks
  • Cruise
  • Guide services
  • Doctor on call

Not included in the price

  • Alcoholic drinks in the restaurant
  • Entrance to Shimoni Cave


We will always choose accommodation together with you based on your requirements.

Recommended campsites and hotels.

Bidi Badu Wasini restaurant

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