Tsavo East + Tsavo West + Amboseli

In 4 days you will visit 3 beautiful Kenyan national parks. You will see 3 different natural environments, lots of wild animals and you will have plenty of time to take amazing photos of diverse nature, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. You will see the majestic Kilimanjaro from Amboseli Park, the animals coming to the watering hole in Tsavo East, the hippos and crocodiles on the walk to the springs of Mzima in Tsavo West Park. You can do all this in combination with a sufficiently long stay on the Kenyan beaches during your vacation.

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1. day

Mombasa (Diani Beach, Watamu …) - Tsavo East

From your hotel, whether it is on the beach or in the city, our driver will pick you up between 6:00 - 7:00 in the morning. The departure depends on the current traffic situation and the location of your hotel. We will agree on the exact time and place where to pick you up and we will confirm it a day before the trip.

You are heading to one of the oldest and also the largest national parks in Kenya - Tsavo East. Originally, Tsavo East and West formed one national park. However, this area was divided by a railway connecting Mombasa and Nairobi.

After entering the park through the Bachuma Gate, your first morning tour begins, ending with lunch at the accommodation according to your choice.

Tsavo East will surprise you with its large number of herds of red elephants. This typical coloration happens as they dust themselves with the local red soil, which by the way creates a picturesque background of local landscapes with equally strongly colored termite mounds in the foreground and silhouettes of withered trees on the horizon. For the elephants, rolling in the red soil serves as their protection from heat and intrusive insects. In addition to elephants you will certainly come across other exotic animals of the African savannah, such as lions, cheetahs, buffaloes, zebras, giraffes, antelopes, baboons and many colorful birds and numerous ostrich families.

After a short rest you head for an afternoon tour which will last until sunset. After returning to your accommodation, dinner will be ready waiting for you. There is also a swimming pool which you can enjoy. From the accommodation you can also observe undisturbed animals coming to a nearby watering hole.

Early in the morning you will set out for another morning tour of the park, after which you will return to the accommodation for breakfast and check-out.

Here it is possible to modify your program. We can postpone the morning departure for after breakfast and check-out and then you do not have to return to the accommodation. It depends on your wishes. We can agree in advance on the 1st day of the trip. During the whole trip we will be available for you (via phone, Whatsapp, email).

You will leave Tsavo East and move to Tsavo West Park.

2. day

Tsavo East - Tsavo West

The biggest attraction of Tsavo West are the areas of water near Kilanguni and Ngulia where hundreds of different species of birds and mammals gather, especially during the dry season.

The most interesting animals here are crocodiles and hippos. There are also highly endangered black rhinos. Fans of caves and beautiful lava flows will definitely enjoy themselves here as well.

In Tsavo West Park you will be staying at Ngulia Safari Lodge (it can be changed if the accommodation does not suit you). You will have lunch and a chance to relax upon your arrival.

The afternoon park tour is focused on rhinos. When finished, you will return to the lodge, where dinner will be served. Leopards are fed near this lodge, if you are lucky, you will see them directly from your accommodation.

After breakfast at Ngulia Safari Lodge, you will visit the park and Mzima Springs. Here you will see hippos and various species of fish swimming in beautiful crystal-clear water. Afterwards you will set off on a journey to Amboseli Park.

3. day

Tsavo West - Amboseli

The park is located in the province of the Rift Valley near the Tanzanian border, northwest of and with beautiful views of Mount Kilimanjaro. Its snowy peak rises above the hot savannah where zebras, wildebeests, antelopes, impalas graze. Amboseli lies around a dry-out lake of the same name. It may therefore seem that its surroundings will be desolate. However, the opposite is true. Amboseli boasts large groundwater reserves and thanks to this there are several flowering meadows around the dry lake, which are complemented by palm and acacia groves, as well as rocky areas, swamps and endless savannas.

You will arrive in Amboseli at lunch time which will be ready for you in your chosen accommodation. You will also spend the last night of your trip in this lodge or a campsite. After lunch, there is a short rest after which you will go for an afternoon tour of the park all the way until sunset with a view of Kilimanjaro. You will return back to the accommodation for dinner.

4. day

Amboseli - Mombasa (Diani Beach, Watamu …)

In the morning after breakfast on the way from the park, there will be time for a shorter tour, check-out from the park and then the transfer back to your hotel.


Price includes

  • 3x accomodation, 3x breakfast, 3x lunch,
    3x dinner. The food is served as a buffet.
  • Transport from the hotel to the park and back, excursion through the park.
  • Park fees
  • Mineral water in the car
  • Hotel fees and taxes
  • tour guide
  • emergency doctor

Not included in the price

  • Drinks in accomodation


We will always choose accommodation together with you based on your requirements.

Recommended campsites and hotels.

Voi Wildlife lodge (Tsavo East)

Voi safari lodge (Tsavo East)

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